Bonaire, an island municipality of the Netherlands, lies off Venezuela’s coast in the southern Caribbean. It’s an acclaimed diving and snorkeling destination whose reef-lined coast is protected within the Bonaire National Marine Park. Beyond its rich marine life, the island shelters lizards, donkeys and hundreds of birds within the beaches, lagoons, caverns and desertlike hills that comprise its immense Washington Slagbaai National Park.

Also it is possible to do legal same sex marriages. 
Capital: Kralendijk
Dailingcode: +599
Currency United States Dollar
Continent: North America
Population: 16,541 (2012)
Official language: Dutch


Besides Curaçao we also do weddings on Aruba and Bonaire. These two beautiful island has unique venues where you can create memorable weddings!

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Aruba is one of the three ABC islands in the southern Caribbean, miles off the coast of Venezuela. Aruba is an independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and has a population of approximately 100,000 inhabitants. The island is 21 miles (33 km) long and has an area of about 75 square miles (193 km2).

Aruba is situated 12 degrees 30' north of the equator. The weather is tropical but not extreme, with a median and fairly constant temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius).

It is important to mention that Aruba lies south of the general hurricane paths and usually only experiences fringe effects of nearby tropical weather. Nonetheless it is not unknown that tropical systems forms close by and do have their effects on the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao).

Trade winds cool the island, making lying in the sun on one of the many beaches much more tolerable although care should be taken since this is deceptive - the sun is strong, in particular between 11am and 2:30pm and the use of high-SPF sunscreens is strongly recommended especially for fairer-skinned people.

The official languages on Aruba are Dutch and Papiamento, but most Arubans are multi-lingual and are able to communicate in English and Spanish as well.

Aruba's currency is the florin denoted by the letters 'Awg.' but also widely known as 'Afl.'
The official rate at which banks accept US dollar banknotes is Awg. 1.77 and checks at Awg. 1.78. The rate of exchange granted by shops and hotels ranges from Awg. 1.75 to Awg. 1.80 per US dollar.